Monday, 2 June 2014

Room 2 Technology Challenge!

'Build a tower from ice block sticks and tape to hold the class bell off the ground as high as possible.'

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Last term our writing focus was narratives. A narratives structure has to have an orientation, complication, series of events, a resolution and may include a moral. For our assessment we had to complete this and a few description goals to write our narratives. Here are some of the narratives from our class. We hope you enjoy them!


It was an early morning at San Francisco in the year 4025. The Starfleet academy had a new recruit. His name was Gerald. He wasn’t human though he was a caitian/cat person. He had to speak with captain McMillon for a bridge officer assignment.  He went to the assignment office. “Gerald you're with me” said Captain McMillon. “Where’s your starship?” Gerald Asked. “Look up.” Gerald looked up to see a giant white and black ship making the biggest shadow over the golden gate bridge. “So where are we going?” “The Risa sector.” “Sounds fun,” Gerald said being sarcastic. “Not really taking out Klingons,” McMillon said gruffly. They beamed up in a flash of blue and were on the ship. It was giant and full of people. "Let's go." A voice came from nowhere and said, “Warping in 5,4,3,2,1”. Gerald looked out of a window to see endless black and stars. The ship came to a halt. “What happened”? Gerald said confused. “Somethings not right.” The ship had lost power. Gerald got in an elevator and went to engineering. A giant pipe had steam coming out of a crack. Gerald took a bottle of what seemed to be super glue. He unscrewed the cap and tipped it over the crack. The glue set hard within seconds. Slowly the lights came on one by one and they started moving again. He walked happily back to the elevator and went back to the bridge. “Good job Gerald!” said Captain McMillon.  They zoomed off into the distance into the dark depths of space.

Ben Crick

The Tropical Beach!

A long, long time ago there was a little girl. The little girls name was Arya. Arya had a twin brother, Eragon. Eragon and Arya lived on a wonderful farm with their mum and dad. Their farm was just out of an old looking town called Carvahall.

Arya was a beautiful young girl. She had long light brown hair. Arya was tall for her age and liked going hunting with Eragon. Eragon was like Arya, tall for his age. He had sandy brown coloured hair, and also loved hunting with his sister, Arya.

One sunny day Eragon and I decided to go hunting. So we grabbed our hunting gear and set of into the forest. After about an hour of walking around, we spotted a group of deer. So we tried to shoot at them with our bows but we missed. The deer ran off, so Eragon and I followed them. We soon lost them, but we also realized that we were lost, we didn’t know where we were, all we knew was that we were somewhere in the forest.

 We decided to walk around and see if we could spot something to help us find our way home. Just when we were about to give up we spotted a golden path. We had never seen the path before. We decided to follow the path to see where it goes. After about half an hour of walking on the path we started to see sand. The path soon disappeared and turned into sand. We looked around and found ourselves on a tropical beach. Eragon and I had a bit of a look around. After about half an hour till an hour we decided to go home and tell our parents about the beach. We left scraps on the trees and arrows in the ground so we could find our way back. We managed to find our way home and when we did we told our parents about what had happened. At first our parents didn’t believe us. So Eragon and I decided that if our parents didn’t believe us, then we would just have to show them.

So the next day our family set off into the forest. We followed the scraps and arrows that we left behind. After about an hour and a half the path came into sight. We followed the golden path to the tropical beach. When we got there our parents said sorry for not believing us.

We spent the rest of the day at the beach. Over the day we went for a few swims and played a lot of games, like tag, volleyball and relay races. When it was staring to get dark we decided we should go home but we didn’t want to, but we did. Eragon and I and our parents got lost and didn’t know which way to go. Then it got dark and we couldn’t see where we were going, so we set up camp. Me and my mum and dad went to bed while Eragon took the first watch.

In the morning we woke up and found a pack of big wild animals surrounding us. The big wild animals were wolfs. Eragon and I quickly got our bows and fired at the wild animals. The wolfs got scared and ran away. Eragon and I helped our parents quickly pack up all our gear. Once we had done that we started walking. After about an hour our house and farm came into sight. We were all happy that the night was over and we were back home.

By Nikita.


Once upon a time there was nice friendly little girl named Lisa. She lived in a little cottage next to the big city with her brother Tommy, her mother Rebecca and her father Smithy

One day Lisa and Rebecca were fighting. “ Ugh! “ Yelled Lisa “ Your so annoying! You don’t let me do anything I want! “ “PLEASE!” said Rebecca “ When I was your age I didn’t get anything I wanted “ Lisa rolls her eyes in fury. “ I didn’t even have a bed! I SLEEPT ON THE COUCH! “ “ Maybe that’s why you are always looking like a couch potato “ Said Lisa. “ You have no respect for me “ Rebecca said to Lisa as she is thinking in her head “ My mum is a pshyco“  “ I feed you, I buy cloths for you and I let you stay in my house. YOU HAVE A BED! Yet you NEVER EVER say thank you. You might as well just leave! “ said Rebecca thinking  “Oh no I might regret that”              
“ MAYBE I WILL! “ screams Lisa in shook. She grabs her purse and leaves the house and heads to the city. “ I knew I would regret that, “ sighs Rebecca.

The next day Rebecca set off to try and find her daughter Lisa. Meanwhile Lisa was really enjoying the big city of Los Angles. She loved all the people and really loved all the shops but when night came Lisa got really worried because she had nowhere to go. Yet on the other side of town was Rebecca. She was trying so hard to try and find Lisa.  She was worried that she would never see her again! Rebecca sees a little hotel and goes over there to get some sleep. “ when I get up in the morning I am heading straight to the middle of town” says Rebecca.

The next morning Lisa woke up in a garbage bin with a little boy. The bin was as smelly as a sweaty guy that hasn’t showered in weeks! Last night Lisa had a dream. It was about her mum they were happily walking together in the park where they lived. When she woke up she missed her mum very much. The little boy suddenly said to her “ HI! My name is Stewart.” “ Hello? “ said Lisa, dazed. “ I am Lisa. “ “ Hi Lisa “ said Stewart in a loud voice. “ What are you doing here in the city. You look like a country girl. “ “ Yeah that’s because I am. “ exclaims Lisa. “ Oh. Are you on a school trip and you got lost? “ Questions Stewart. “ Ha I wish but no me and my mum had as fight and I ran away and now I cant find my way back home. Man I regret that fight. “ Said Lisa with a big sigh of regret. “ I wish I could find my way home so I can apologise to my mum. “ “ Don’t worry Lisa! “ Said Stewart in a super hero voice. “ I will help you find your way back home! “ “ YOU WILL! “ Said Lisa with a hopeful voice. “ Yeah of course I will I know where everything is in this city. “ “ AWESOME! “ Said Lisa. So they set of to try and find there way back home!

Rebecca woke up to a very angry face staring right at her.        “ Who are you? “ Said the man in a tough, strong voice. “ I am Rebecca. I was just staying here for the night. Said Rebecca. “ Yeah well you need to go NOW!!!! “ Yells the man. “ Ok ok. Keep your skin on. I’ll go. “ So Rebecca set off to try and find Lisa again when her husband Smith called her. “ Where are you? I have been waiting all night for you. I have been waiting and waiting for ages! “ Smith yelled. “ I have been looking for your daughter Lisa! “ Yelled back Rebecca. “ Just leave it Rebecca. She will find her way back home eventually. She will be perfectly fine out there. “ Smith said. “ NO WAY! I AM NOT LEAVING MY DAUGHTER IN THE BIG CITY WERE SHE COULD BE SO EASYLY KILLED! NOW BYE BYE! “ Rebecca quickly hanged up the phone before Smith could say anything else. “ Exaggerate much “ Said Smith.

“ Why are you so sad. “ Stewart asked Lisa as they were walking beside a big river. “ I am really worried that I might not ever see my mother again! “ Cries Lisa. “ I’m sure we will find her soon! “ Say Stewart. “ Ok look “ Said Lisa “ You are nice and all but I think that you have no idea were you are going ok! For heavens sake we are walking beside a river! “ Yelled Lisa “ I’M SORRY OK “ Stewart said “ I just wanted to help “ “ Yeah well you didn’t! “  Lisa yelled “ Fine then. Do you like swimming? “ Stewart asked “  Swimm… “ But before Lisa could finish talking Stewart pushed Lisa into the water and Lisa can not swim! She started splashing around in the water like a splashy fish. “ Help! Help me! SOMEONE! “ Lisa scream like it was life or death. As Lisa is screaming for help Stewart starts to run away. Lisa know that she was going to die. Lisa starts to float down the river when her head hits a rock and she starts to drown! That’s when Rebecca sees her daughter drowning in the river she quickly jumps in and pulls Lisa out of the water. Rebecca preforms CPR and after ten minutes of CPR Lisa finally wakes up. “ Oh my god! “ Rebecca said so relieved “LISA! I am SO sorry about our big fight and how I told you to leave and my yelling and telling you that you are ungrateful and …” “ MUM! “ Lisa yelled. “ Mum it’s alright. You shouldn’t be the one that is sorry. It should be me. It is me. I am sorry that sometimes I am ungrateful and I am sorry that I never say thank you. I should really say that more often.  I am sorry about every thing.” “ Its totally fine “ Said Rebecca “ I am just so glad that you are back and that you are alive. “ “ I wouldn’t be if it weren’t for you! “ So Rebecca and Lisa walked home and had cupcakes and hot chocolate and they never fought again!

Samantha Jenkins

In the Barn

The moon shone down on me, a crystal lightbulb in the dark sky. Lying on the sand, I was thinking, hard. ‘Leila the loser banged around in my head like a bullet from a machine gun. On that night, on that coastal beach. I came, I saw, but I didn’t conquer.

The waves splashed up on the sand slowly, steadily. I lay and remembered what had happened in the last few days. Remembered what I would have to tell the police. Remembered over and over. Remembered the tragedy.

It started one sunny day with my best friend Ella. I walked to her cottage. My sturdy frame strong and my curly red hair was flowing in the wind. Ella lived in a white farmhouse in a small forest clearing. 

The birds were dancing in the oaks, celebrating the start of spring. Ella was at the stables grooming her white stallion Mystic 
“Hello Leila,” Ella called from Mystic’s stall. 
“Oh, Ella,” I cried. “I have just spotted an old abandoned barn. Come, we must explore it!”
“But Leila...,” Ella started though it was too late. I was saddling the black mare I usually used.
“C’mon Honey, me and Star are ready. Saddle up Mystic and away we go.”

So off we went down the bridle trails through the woods. Soon we came to an old apple orchard on the edge of Ella’s estate. There on the eastern corner was a red barn. Ella’s waist length smoky hair bounced on her shoulders as we rode across the uneven ground. We slowed to a walk once the barn was close enough to see all the cracks, lines and wearing off paint.

“Leila, let’s not. Please, let’s just turn around and say this never happened,” exclaimed Ella pulling Mystic to a halt. 
“It does look scary, but Ella, I can assure you it won’t be. No one could have spotted it from the road. I only saw it riding one day. And if they had seen it, that means they would be trespassing,” I told Ella though still a bit unsure myself. 
“Are you coming in,or not?,” I yelled tying Star to a nearby apple tree. 
“I suppose,” her soft voice mumbled.

We opened the doors slowly. Creak. Sunlight crept in from the boarded windows. There, sitting in the middle of the rotten hay, was a pistol. 
“Aggh!,” Ella screamed, though I quickly muffled her mouth. 
“Shh,” I muttered. Slowly I crept up to the gun. 
“Hold it,” a husky voice called from behind me. I turned to see a tall, tanned, muscular man staring at us. He wore a tattered red vest, a white T-shirt and ripped jeans. His worn face cracked into a wicked smile.
“I knew someone would be curious eventually. Lead me back to your house now. You can come back for the beasts later,” he demanded.

Quickly we scuttled to the trail leading to Ella’s house. 
“Let’s take the trail to the beach. From there you can go to mine and called the police.”
“No talking,” the voice said from behind us. So we hurried to the coast, the sun burning our skin.
“Quick go,” I yelled to Ella.
“Where’s she going,” the man said.
“Just, um... toilet,” I replied motioning to keep moving. “She’ll catch up.”
“She better,” the man said gruffly.
“So, who are you anyway,” I asked trying to be friendly.
“If you must know, I am Victor Montybello. Otherwise known as Vic. I am one of the greatest criminals around. And once I’m done with you squirts, you will have never known who I am!,” he cried and knocked me out cold.

By the time I woke up I was gagged and strapped to a birch tree next to the beach. Ella wasn’t beside me yet. We still had hope.

That evening the sun set over the ocean like a fireball dropping through the sky. I soon saw my captor come into view from the darkness. Ella was in his hands. I pretended to still be unconscious. When she was tied next to me I shook my head and my gag fell off. Ella did the same. 
“Have you called the cops?,” I asked.
“Yes,” she muttered almost silently.

And sure enough a few minutes later we heard wailing sirens and barks. Barks from my dog Bud. The next part came in a blur. The police untied us, took the criminal Vic, and tried to hoard him away. Though he had not done. With his last action he pulled the trigger of his gun. Crack! The bullet was a vicious creature that stole my dogs life.

I wept and wept. Soon it grew late. Everyone had gone. I was lying there, weeping for my Bud. That night I vowed to find the killer. That night, I came, I saw, but I didn’t conquer.

Sophie Hampson

Hey guys! Room 2 has had a great start to the term. In Term One we found out Mr Stephens is a great teacher.  Special thanks to Mrs East for helping us set up our new blog.

This week we are interviewing some wonderful people from Room 2.

Interview with Cheyenne Wirihana
Cheyenne says there our some intresting people in the class. Cheyenne also thinks Mr Stephens is an awesome teacher because he does a lot of sport and he doesn't keep us inside all the time which is awesome.

Interview with Douglas Marfell
Douglas thinks the class is good and that there is a lot of cool people in the class. He enjoys being sports leader for 2014. Douglas also thinks that Mr Stephens is the best teacher out of the whole school.

Interview with Sam Jenkins
Sam thinks that the class is good because she likes being deputy sports leader. Sam thinks that Mr Stephens is pretty good and has a sense of humor.

Interview with Matthew Rees
Matthew thinks the class is awesome because we go out for games alot and that there's a lot of fun work. Matthew thinks that Mr Stephens is awesome because he doesn't get grumpy.

Interview with Aidan Clark
Aidan thinks the class is good because there are some nice people in Room 2. Aidan also thinks Mr Stephens gives others a second chance when they do something wrong and that he is nice.

Interview with Maya Jayasena
Maya thinks that the class is good because she has her friends with her. Maya says Mr Stephens takes us out for lots of games.

Interview with Cadey Mildon
Cadey says the class is awesome because of her friends. Cadey says Mr Stephens is very sporty.

Interview with Baylee Fahy
Baylee says the work is awesome. Baylee says that Mr Stephens is a sporty person.

Interview with Lexus Walker
Lexus says that Room 2 is awesome and that she enjoys having Cheyenne in the class and making new friends. Lexus says Mr Stephens is awesome because he takes us out for sport and gives us a good amount of work.

Interview with Reuben Hana-Kerr
Reuben says  he likes the class because we do a lot of games and sport.
Reuben says he likes Mr Stephens because he is relaxed and he is really fun.

By Cailee and Emily
Hi Room 2! Here is a piece of writing that Sophie has wrote for her daily journal. We do daily journal each day before writing for 10 minutes. We do it to remember punctuation, spelling and so Mr Stephens can see our writing styles. Sophie also shared this piece at the first Marsden assembly. Here it is:

The mist lay low over the blanket of Autumn leaves. Winter was coming earlier than usual. The crisp air bit Sam’s fingers as she walked through Sutherland Park. The wind howled through the trees, singing its lonely song. Sam’s walk home was a gloomy one. Her footsteps echoed around the valley, breaking through the voice of the wind. She was thinking of the fire that was waiting for her.

The wooden house the 14 year old lived in was warm and cosy with plenty of space to share with her Mum. Though the house was ancient. It was old and creaky, an antique compared to modern homesteads.

Sam loved her Mother as much as children love chocolate. Her Mum’s sweet appearance was handed down to Sam. Green eyes, lots of freckles and flowing black hair was what Sam looked at in the mirror. As well as her looks, Sam’s personality was beautiful also. The way she laughed, smiled or especially sang filled the room with wonderous joy. But though Sam didn’t know it, her smile soon wouldn’t be seen for a long time.

Sam went to Rosemary High School, the towns only school for girls. Sam walked to school everyday, through Sutherland Park, up the main road, and just around the bend was where she reached her destination. The grounds of the school stretched for acres and acres. Rosemary High had good quality equipment though not much of it. But Sam liked her school with the few hundred girls.

Sam’s classroom was quite small with twenty girls to fill it up. Sitting next to Sam were her two best friends, Harmony and Sera. Their teacher was Miss Mana, she was kind but strict, very strict. 

Harmony and Sera were basically stuck to Sam. They did everything together, even going to the bathroom! Harmony was sweet. She had rosy red hair and cheeky brown eyes. Where as Sera was very tanned, her brown locks fell around her shoulders, her dark eyes twinkled in the sun. From the first day of school, the trio had stuck together.

One afternoon Sam had just got home from Harmony’s when she asked her mum. “Mother, I have been invited to the school disco this Friday, but I promised Sera I would stay at hers. What should I do!?” 
“I don’t know Sam. Do what you think you should do,” replied her mother.

The next day Sam told Sera about the disco. 
“Sam, we’ll just go to the disco then you’ll come back to mine. You’re such a worry wart,” Sera laughed.
“Oh, you’re right Sera,” Sam said relieved. 
That week in class Sam drifted off most days thinking about Friday. But when the day finally came it wasn’t as good as Sam thought it would be. On Friday afternoon Miss Mana called Sam back after school.

To be continued....... 

By Sophie Hampson